Understanding GERTIE’s schedules

We know that GERTIE’s schedule is not always easy to follow. There are three different ways of presenting the information: a full detailed schedule; a simplified schedule showing each route separately; an animated schedule allowing you to the follow the bus in its journey.

Need more help?

GERTIE has been accepted into the Google Maps Transit program (google.ca/maps). You simply enter departure and arrival addresses and click on the transit icon. It will tell you when the next bus is coming. Plan ahead: specify a different day and time by clicking on the “Leave Now” button. Try it out here.

Want to know when Gertie will arrive at your location? Try the Where’s Gertie? app. It works on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Remember: the app only shows the bus when it is in operation.

This is a flag down service so just find a safe spot to stand on the side of the road and wait for the bus.  Be sure to carry a flashlight for flagging down the bus if it is dark.

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